Alkaline & Purified water Installation Systems

Imagine having unlimited access to purified or alkaline water right at your fingertips. No more lugging heavy bottles or settling for subpar water quality. Our top-notch water purification and alkaline systems bring the convenience and health benefits of pristine drinking water directly to your kitchen, bathroom, or office.

Ria Money Transfer

Whether you need to send emergency cash assistance or just want to send a little something home regularly, we've got you covered. Stop stressing about traveling long distances or using unreliable services. Just pop into our store and move your money safely and efficiently every time.

Sandwich & Juice Bar

There's nothing quite like the bright, refreshing taste of fresh-squeezed fruit juices to liven up your day. From citrusy orange delights to Berry-bursting sensations, there's a juice for every taste bud.
Forget settling for subpar pre-made sandwiches from the cooler or spending way too much at a restaurant. At Clean River Water Store, you get real hand-crafted sandwich at a price that can't be beat

Customer Reviews

"This place is amazing. They truly care about delivering quality water to the community. The customer service is top tier. I’ve never been to a place that cleans your bottles inside and out, AND fills your water for you. The filteration process was broken down to me and all questions I had were answered. They are amazing and I’m so glad I found this place!"
Jessica Rea
Oh my gosh! They tested out city water, waste water, and purified water, and the numbers of the results was ridiculous! I'm so glad I found them and the water tastes great and I'm not worried about what I'm drinking. And they take the bottles of water to your car, which is everything for me. Great people too!

Lets' get started!

From installing a state-of-the-art water purification system in your home or office to crafting made-to-order sandwiches with the freshest ingredients to ensuring hassle-free money transfers, we’ll handle every detail with care and professionalism. Our goal is to consistently exceed your expectations and make your life more convenient, healthy, and worry-free.