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Alkaline & Purified ​Drinking Water For You ​and Your Family

About Us

At Clean River, we’re more than just a ​business – we’re a family.

Founded and run by a close-knit ​family, our roots in this community run ​deep.

We understand the importance of ​health and wellness for every family ​member. That is why every bottle of ​water we produce is filled with care ​and a commitment to quality that only ​a family can offer.

Ricardo & Ginger Joya

Why Choose Us

We’re here to bring you ​and your family the best ​in Alkaline and Purified ​water, backed by science ​and a passion for ​wellness.

True Hydration

Our alkaline water is more than ​hydration. It’s your daily dose of ​antioxidants, helping to rejuvenate ​your body and mind.


We focus on pH balance, bringing ​water that aligns with your body’s ​needs, supporting a healthier, more ​energized you.

Premium Quality

Our water is pure and safe. Taste and ​safety go hand in hand. Our ​purification process ensures every ​drop is free from contaminants like ​lead and chlorine, guaranteeing a ​clean, refreshing taste.

We Care

We believe in building relationships, ​not just transactions. As a family ​business, we understand the value of ​community and strive to create lasting ​connections with our customers.

This store was a pleasant surprise that we discovered on Google maps. As soon as we entered the store, we felt like we were treated like royalty. The service was impeccable, and they were the only ones who would clean the outside of all our water bottles. I also had a scrumptious fresh fruit salad. We can’t wait to come back again.

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Alkaline & Purified water for you and your family